Hair and clothing

Not only in relation to hair dyes and those who want to dye their hair alone, the notions of hair colorimetry can help in everyday life. It is also based on it that complementary colors are discovered, those that give contrast and balance each other. This notion even applies to clothes.

Taking into account the color circle, the advice for blondes to wear red came about; black, yellow and red, green. To know more about hair dye review click here.

The color of the clothes, especially close to the face (at the top, in the case of blouses and the upper half of the dresses), can become an ally of the look, leaving the hair more vibrant and in evidence.

Colorimetry in white hair

The good news is that the colorimetry technique can be applied to any and all hair, but covering white hair is not the simplest task.

In naturally gray hair there is a risk that the strands will not absorb the color and become transparent. In this case, the professional must put a base color in the dye.

Darkening of the wires

If the hair is discolored, it is necessary to pre-pigment the strands to receive a new color. With pre-pigmentation it is possible to return a background to add the desired shade.

Evaluation of threads for colorimetry

The safest and most effective way to assess the original color of the wires is through a wick test. The indicated is to do tests on three strands of hair, usually hidden. This wick test can reveal whether the client has passed a dark toner a few months ago and the wick test will reveal.

“This is also true for the fantasy color (color). I have already done a strand test on hair that looked virgin near the root, but this strand test revealed a reddish hue, the result of a fancy red coloring that the client applied at home ”, she explains.

This streak test evaluation will also reveal the hair's resistance based on the reference that the person wants.

After all, (we are sorry, but it is true) it is not always possible to make the dreamed hair color in all cases. Therefore, in the evaluation, the professional needs to have a frank conversation with the client.

If the hair is not resistant enough to the desired color - generally the pastels are the most difficult to achieve, since it is necessary to discolor a lot until the goal - the hairstylist can suggest other color options. For example: a hair that does not Passing the test for a baby rose may result in a rose gold hair, as it does not need to be that clear for the final goal.

In this evaluation, in addition to the wick test, it is necessary for the professional to ask some basic questions to the client:

· What products does the person use at home?

· When did you last go to the salon to cut your hair?

· Are you in the habit of drying your hair and / or using flat iron / baby liss?

· What is your biggest complaint about your hair?

· Do you have any chemicals in your hair?

With these answers it is possible to discover some factors that go unnoticed and the professional must be aware. It is essential that the hair is in good condition for bleaching or coloring.

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